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Preventive control of sciarid larvae with beneficial nematodes.


Biological innovation in plant protection.

Flies of the Sciaridae family inflict the most damage on crops and are very common in greenhouses. In a dedicated cooperation, the German companies e-nema and Katz Biotech have developed nemaplus®depot. Encapsulated nematodes with a long-term and thus preventive effect protect your plants against sciarid larvae infestation even before any damage occurs.

nemaplus® Depot in action

nemaplus® depot

is a premium pest control solution for:

Highly efficient
preventive care

12 weeks

Depot effect -
slow release

100% organic and without microplastics


Available in professional

and home & garden units



The special feature of nemaplus®depot is its novel and globally unique formulation: nematodes, are embedded in a water emulsion and enclosed in an alginate-coating. These pearls are introduced directly into the substrate, where they open after a certain time or are opened by the larvae themselves or other microorganisms in the substrate.

The nematodes control the larvae and the plant is protected before any damage can occur. The nematodes an the pearls are 100% organic and dissolve without residue. The perfect solution for your integrated pest management.

Learn more about the general mode of action of insect pathogenic nematodes.

Learn more about the effect of nemaplus® depot.

  • Product novelty

  • Patented

  • Made in Germany

  • Free of microplastics

Advantages of nemaplus® depot

  • 100% biological

  • No extra water is needed

  • high efficiency

  • easy application

  • preventive method


Application areas

nemaplus®depot is a sustainable and innovative solution for integrated pest control. Thanks to its simple and resource-saving applicability, it can be used in many areas of crop cultivation and fully develop its benefits. The perfect blend of ecology and effectiveness.

Simple and efficient application


nemaplus® depot is introduced into the substrate as a preventive measure.


The alginate-coating dissolves after a certain time or are opened by the larvae themselves or other microorganisms in the substrate


The larvae have been successfully controlled. The nematodes and pearls dissolve without residue.

Application in individual pots

The capsules can be inserted in the planting hole after sowing. Using the fertiliser dosage of a potting machine.

Dosage on average:

6 capsules per pot.

One unit (50 million nematodes) is sufficient for 5m3 of soil which equals about 5.000 pots.

Video: NüPA GmbH

Application into

the substrate

The capsules can be mixed directly into the substrate using a soil mixer.


50 million / 2.5m3

About us


Market leader in the field of nematodes

“We are a leading producer of insect-pathogenic nematodes, distributing via a global sales network. e-nema also provides industry-scale liquid culture production (consultation, up- and downstream processing, formulation) to companies looking for toll-manufacturing of biological plant protection products.”

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One of Germany‘s biggest producers of beneficial insects and mites

Founded in 1992, the company today produces and distributes a comprehensive range of over 60 different beneficials for biological and integrated plant protection. It‘s far-reaching academic and practical expertise also allows Katz Biotech AG to put a a strong emphasis on developing further innovative products and processes. These products are marketed inside Germany and across the EU, mainly through a team of phytosanitary consultants , but also together with national and international partners.


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Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und biologischen Pflanzenschutz mbH

Klausdorfer Str. 28-36

24223 Schwentinental


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